Welcome to IMABI! 

The Japanese word for today is kyō. When written as 今日 with Chinese characters, it has other possible readings, one of which is oddly not used. That potential pronunciation became the source of inspiration for the name of this curriculum for learning Japanese. Changing "kyō" to "imabi" was done to symbolize a new today for learning Japanese.

IMABI has 415 lessons spanning from ground zero of knowing Japanese all the way to Classical Japanese if one so chooses to travel the entire journey. Curriculum content is constantly updated on a daily basis. Its usefulness is determined by not just the work I put into it, but also by the questions, concerns, and advice I get from users. If you wish for something to change to make things easier, that's where your voice is incredibly useful.

Unlike some other mainstream sources, IMABI has remained a free resource. As a result, there are some limitations to the quality and degree of services provided here. That is why input from users is crucial to its continued success. 

Everyone including beginners, fluent speakers, and native speakers are welcome to join for FREE. I accept questions through Facebook or e-mail. The Facebook page also details major changes that are made to the website. Don't forget to like! These changes are also cataloged in the Update Log page. Because the entire website is undergoing major renovation, these two places are important to frequently look at to know what exactly has been updated.

E-mail: imabinosekai@gmail.com


Wanna Learn Japanese? 

To get started learning the wonderful language which is Japanese, check out the individual Table of Contents for the level you're interested in. There you will find a treasure trove for each level to fit your needs!

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Classical Japanese 

Okinawan (Just 1 lesson for now) 


Here you can discuss any topic you'd like about Japanese. If someone or me don't get in touch with you in a promptly fashion, feel free to e-mail me directly and I'll be happy to get to you!  


 Funding Page: Goals for 2017

To all who use this site regularly, thank you for your support and patronage. Many years in 2009, I began the creation of this curriculum from blog-like pages. Today, a handful of articles has transformed to a full-fledged curriculum with still plenty of room to grow. For my goals in 2017, this is what I hope to accomplish.

1. The formation of a new server to finally rid the site of frequent lag and downtime. Through the creation of a new server, I hope to offer new services (typing Japanese in forum titles, etc.). I would also like chat services and a hotline service to have questions answered in a prompt and professional fashion, but this would require the implementation of some payment system and funding.

2. The completion of the core curriculum. By doing so, over 100 lessons will be created. My intent is for this site to be user friendly for people with zero knowledge from Lesson 1 up. By continuously making lessons smaller, more concise, and topic specific, I hope to achieve this goal while still maintaining the level of accuracy that the curriculum is known for.

3. The proofreading of the English and Japanese content by experts/professionals. The analyses of each grammar point need further scrutiny. Its English and Japanese content need to be scrutinized (fairly and in an academic fashion). I would also like to have experts/professionals/natives (of any dialect) to stick around to revitalize the forums to offer in-depth conversations regarding anything about Japanese.

4. Offering the curriculum in multiple languages. Due to the immense amount of information that this curriculum offers, translating it into other languages cannot be done without professional help. I would need a staff per language to consult with me and a staff of my own specialized in the English version to make this possible. Furthermore, a server per language may be necessary. 

5. Publishing the curriculum in textbook/e-book form. Publishing the curriculum as a textbook can only happen once goals 1, 2, and 3 are achieved, but by this point, I hope that it would be possible to publish it other major languages as well.

By just accomplishing one of these goals, this place will become an ever better place to learn Japanese. If you yourself are not able to help, I ask that you  spread the word to those who can fund these endeavors. My hiatus from working on the curriculum has largely been due to harsh economic circumstances. いまび continues to be a financial burden on my part, and this reality directly affects my ability to improve it.