Update Log 


1/29/2018:  Lesson 6 has been redone and split into two parts. Check it out!

第6課: Introduction to Kanji 漢字 I

第?課: Introduction to Kanji 漢字 II  

1/4/2018: Today, I created a lesson about the conjunctive particle いで. This particle is only seldom used and is perceived nowadays as being dialectical. However, it is possible to see it in literature and manga, as well as hear it on happenstance. As such, I felt it was the perfect way to show that I still do intend on adding content   that also caters to those who have well passed gained a firm understanding of the language. 

第???課: The Particle いで 

1/3/2018: As promised, below is the new content of the day. This time, the new content is for those who would benefit the most from the veteran-level content of the curriculum.

第???課: ~ために III: ~んがために & ~がために 

第335課: 故, 所以・由縁, 謂れ, & 由 

1/2/2018: As promised, below is the new content of the day:

第???課: ~ように: So That 

第138課:  ~とおりに 

1/1/2018: Over the past month or so, I've been really busy at work and facing other hardships at home with money struggles, but during all that time I was still hard at work addressing many minor edits throughout the lessons I've not been able to get to thus far in the site remodel so that at least there would be fewer typos. On top of that, I was also holding onto a series of lesson remodels and new lessons. To commemorate the new year for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, a revised lesson plus one new lesson will be added. For the 1st, enjoy the fully remodeled and expanded coverage on ~ために. Feel free to comment on how you like the new lesson to me via email @ imabinosekai@gmail.com or via the Facebook page (see Homepage link). 

第137課: ~ために I: In Order To

第???課: ~ために II: Due To 

11/11/2017: A very intricate lesson regarding the agent-marker function of the particle に has been added. This is a very important addition to the curriculum as it helps answer many questions regarding how に is used and in relation to other particle choices regarding this particular yet complex function.

第???課: The Particle に III: Agent Marker 

11/7/2017: Lesson 151 has been replaced with the following new lesson: 

第151課: Direction Intransitives + を: 向く 

11/6/2017: After a short hiatus dealing with some personal financial troubles, I've created a new lesson about the "no" phrases of Japanese. 

第??課: No Phrases: いいえ, いえ, いや, 否, & ううん  

9/28/2017: A new lesson about the "yes" phrases of Japanese has been created. 

第??課: Yes Phrases: Hai はい,  はあ, Ē  ええ, & Un うん  

9/26/2017: A new lesson on expressions of apology has been made. This is a continuation of the previous update.

第??課: Expressions of Apology 

9/25/2017: A new lesson on expressions of gratitude has been made. This is a continuation of the previous update.

第??課: Expressions of Gratitude 

9/23/2017: Lesson 25 and Lesson 105 have been completely remodeled and replaced. Content that has been removed is currently being created into their own lessons that will be added to the curriculum in the coming days. When that happens, the content currently in Lesson 105 will be moved directly after Lesson 25.  

9/19/2017: Today, Lesson 76 was deleted entirely due to its content being supplemented in current Lesson 12, which became the case nearly a month ago. In its place, a new lesson has been inserted as Lesson 206 about the pattern ~ては. Some slight reorganization has been done to make this happen in Beginners 2, Intermediate 1, and Advanced 1. 

9/10/2017: Just when some of you thought I haven't been doing anything, I surprise you all. Aside from the fact that I've redone several of the introductory lessons, I have updated the table of contents by getting rid of all the lessons marked as "??". Other than that, very minor changes were made to the actual lesson line-up. If you need help finding something, just PM me. Do note that new lessons made after today will be added just as the were before by being inserted where they'll likely stay and counted as "??". This is so that I don't have to change the numbers of hundreds of lessons because I added a lesson. The next table of contents update will occur when I've made 24 new lessons as 26 new lessons were incorporated this time. Note that the lesson total has reached 412 due to a miscount that wasn't in my favor.  

8/26/2017: Latest installment of coverage on が has been added. Renovations will continue to be done to upgrade information related to this topic in the coming days. 

第??課: The Particle Ga が II: The Object Marker Ga が 

8/23/2017: Lesson 10 has been split in half to provide more coverage. Coverage for both these particles has been completely revamped. The lessons have also been renamed to make way for each particle's second installations which are currently being created/rewritten.  

第10課: The Particle Ga が I: The Subject Marker Ga が 

第??課: The Particle Wa は I: The Topic/Contrast Marker Wa  

8/22/2017: Lesson 10 has been remodeled. Go check it out! 


1. 181 has been remodeled.  
2. Minor editing done to Lessons 1 and 5.

8/19/2017: Lesson 7 has been remodeled. 

8/18/2017: Former Lesson 8 and Lesson 10 have been replaced, causing the following change in the Beginners I line up. 

第8課: Copular Sentences I: Plain Speech

第9課: Copular Sentences II: Polite Speech 

第10課: The Particles Ga Wa: が & は 

8/17/2017: Two new lessons have been added to the start of Advanced I.

第???課: Tense I: The Auxiliary Verb -TA

第???課: Tense II: The Morpheme -RU/U 

8/14/2017: A lot of content has been moved out of Lesson 34 into two new lessons:

第??課: Countries, Nationality, & Languages 

第???課: Astronomy: The Planets & More  

8/10/2017: The following three lessons have been added to Advanced II. Lesson 259 has also been replaced with the fourth installment of this series.

第???課: Disregard I: にもかかわらず,にかかわらず, & を問わず

第???課: Disregard II: によらず & (の)いかん{にかかわらず・を問わず・によらず} 

第???課: Disregard III: をものともせず(に), {を・も}顧みず(に), &  を押して・押し切って 

8/8/2017: Lesson 12 has been completely redone! Go check it out. 

8/6/2017: Lesson 11 has been completely redone! 

8/4/17: First of major updates on counter coverage has been uploaded. It has fundamentally changes Lessons 25, 49, 89, 90, 157, and 179. Two splinter lessons have also been made. Additionally, Lessons 1-10 have been slightly edited. 

第25課: Counters I: 円, 冊, 課, 人, 名, 歩, 枚, ページ, 頭, 匹, 足, 台, 階, 歳, & 杯 

第??課: Counters II: 個 VS つ 

第49課: Counters III (Time: Part I): 日, 週間, 月, 年, Etc.

第??課: Counters IV (Time: Part II): 時, 時間, 分, 秒, 晩, 夜

第89課: Counters V: 文字, クラス, 品, 桁, 切れ, 玉, 房, 株, 袋, 箱, 棟, 組み, 皿, 束, & 通り

第90課: Counters VI: 羽, 部, 戸, 発, 軒, 人前, 丁, 本, 点, 泊, 通, 尾, 駅, & 兆 

第157課: Counters VII: Prefixes/Suffixes with Counters: 何~, 幾~, 数~, ~数, 半~, ~半, ~余, & ~余り

第179課: Counters VIII: 基, 滴, 票, 件, 行, 画, 種(類), 脚, 着, 膳, 貫, 対, 男, & 女 

5/21/17: Here is the 400th lesson to be added to the site! Minor amounts of material was taken from Lessons 174 and 319 to create it. In addition to this, I've continued trying to perfect Lesson 1 and it split-off. Although more information has been added, the content is considerably far more accurate.

第???課: Considering...: わりに(は) & にしては  

5/20/17: Lesson 1 has been split in half. Go check it out!

第1課: Pronunciation I: Vowels

第?課: Pronunciation II: Consonants 

5/19/17: Content was taken out of Lesson 257 to create a lesson on くせに・くせして.

第??課: Criticizing: くせに & くせして 

5/11/17: A new lesson has been created by extracting some info from Lesson 255 and giving the topics the attention they deserved. This also resulted in the name change of the once "When it Comes to..." II lesson to "When it Comes to..." III.  

第???課: “When it Comes to…” II: となると, となったら, & となれば 

5/10/17: Lesson 256 has been redone and renamed. A split-off lesson was also created for coverage on ~ったら & ~ってば. Enjoy!

第256課: ”When it Comes to..." I:というと, といえば, & といったら 

第???課: ったら & ってば  

5/9/17: Lesson 19 has been redone to fit the new format with which this revamping project entails. Enjoy! 

5/8/17: Posted new lesson on the following topics. This came from material previously in Lessons 256 and 257.

第???課: Whether it be…or…:といい & といわず  

5/7/17: Posted new lesson on interrelated phrases which use くる  to mean いう. This was created from existing material which was found in Lessons 101, 130, and 256. So, if you try looking for information related to the grammar points in the name of the lesson shown below, you should go read up on the coverage in the new lesson instead. 

第???課: ”When it Comes to..." II: と{きたら・きては・くると・きた日には・きている(ものだ)・とくれば} 

5/2/17: Posted new lesson on the particle なんて following Lesson 130:

第???課: The Particle なんて 

5/1/17: Posted new lesson on Plural Kosoado between Lesson 86 and Lesson 87:

第??課: Plural Kosoado こそあど: Korera これら, Sorera それら, & Arera あれら   

4/23/17: Remastered introductory lesson on interrogatives, resulting in flipping Lessons 38 and 39 with each other. 

4/21/17: Fixed some typos in Lessons 20 and 21. 

4/20/17: Minor editing of Lessons 17 and 18. Created a new lesson on the words for why:

第???課: Why: なぜ, どうして, & なんで  

4/19/17: Several typos fixed in Lessons 15, 16, and 17. 


・Created a detailed lesson on the words for "what" and "when" directly following Lesson 119.  

・Added more content to the new lesson posted yesterday on the word "who" to include coverage on どいつ as well as the words for "where," どこ and どちら. 


・Created new lesson about the words for "who" after Lesson 119. 

・Removed romanization in Lesson 193, fixed several typos, and added two new examples for the verb 停止する. If this lesson expands to 80 or so examples, it will be split in half to cut down on the information load for this topic. 

・Updated Lesson order to aid in the addition of new lessons in the work.

Former Table of Contents

Lesson 45: Adverbs III: Syntax Agreement
Lesson 46: Onomatopoeia 擬声語 I: Giongo 擬音語 I
Lesson 47: Adjectives: Yoi/Ii 良い 
Lesson 48: Adjectives III: No-Adjectival Nouns ノ形容詞 
Lesson 49: Adjectives: Ōi  多い & Sukunai 少ない 
Lesson 50: Adjectives: Onaji 同じ 
Lesson 51: The Date & Telling Time
Lesson 52: Basic Absolute Time Phrases
Lesson 53: Kara, Node, & Noda: から, ので, & のだ
Lesson 54: The Particle Noni: のに
Lesson 55: Adnominal Adjectives: /i/ vs /na/ 
Lesson 56: Before: Mae 前
Lesson 57: After I: Ato あと, Nochi のち, Te kara てから
Lesson 58: When: Toki 時
Lesson 59: Relative Time
Lesson 60: Transitivity I: Different Transitive & Intransitive Forms
Lesson 61: The Particle To: と II: Citation
Lesson 62: The Particle Demo: でも
Lesson 63: The Particle Ya: や
Lesson 64: The Particle Shi: し
Lesson 65: Kosoado こそあど IV
Lesson 66: Plants & Animals
Lesson 67: Onomatopoeia 擬声語 II: Giongo 擬音語 II: Animal Sounds
Lesson 68: Onomatopoeia 擬声語 III: Gitaigo 擬態語 & Gijōgo 擬情語
Lesson 69: While I: Aida 間
Lesson 70: While II: Uchi うち
Lesson 71: Time Phrases + Ni に
Lesson 72: Giving Verbs
Lesson 73: Permission: Te ii ていい
Lesson 74: The Conjunctive Particles Ga & Keredo: が & けれど
Lesson 75: The Contrasting Wa は
Lesson 76: Family
Lesson 77: Start to: -hajimeru, -dasu, & -kakeru: ~始める, ~出す, & ~かける
Lesson 78: End:-owaru/oeru, -yamu, -agaru/ageru:  ~終わる・終える, ~やむ, & ~上がる・上げる
Lesson 79: Whenever: mai-, -goto ni, & -oki ni: 毎~, ~毎に, & ~おきに
Lesson 80: -chū ~中: During/Throughout
Lesson 81: The Body
Lesson 82: Or
Lesson 83: Food
Lesson 84: Potential I
Lesson 85: Potential II: Dekiru できる
Lesson 86: Colors
Lesson 87: Gobi 語尾 I: Yo & Ne よ & ね
Lesson 88: Te iku ~ていく & Te Kuru ~てくる
Lesson 89: Best That: Hō ~方 Patterns & Ni koshita koto wa nai ~に越したことはない
Lesson 90: Pronouns II
Lesson 91: The Particle Dake だけ
Lesson 92: The Particles Shika & Hoka: しか & ほか
Lesson 93: The Particle Tari たり
Lesson 94: The Non-Question "How": -kata ~かた
Lesson 95: Interrogatives II: The Question "How"
Lesson 96: Interrogatives III: With Particles
Lesson 97: The Particle No: の II
Lesson 98: The Particle De: で II
Lesson 99: Might: Kamoshirenai かもしれない
Lesson 100: Pluralization
Lesson 101: Conditionals: The Particles To, Nara(ba), Tara, & Ba: と, なら(ば), たら, & ば
Lesson 102: Conditional Phrases
Lesson 103: Must Not
Lesson 104: Must
Lesson ???: Which: Dore どれ, Dochira どちら, Dotchi どっち, & Izure いずれ 
Lesson 105: The Particle を II: With Intransitive Verbs
Lesson 106: Te て With Giving Verbs: Te ageru ~てあげる, Te kureru ~てくれる, &  Te morau ~てもらう
Lesson 107: Shiru VS: Wakaru 知る VS 分かる
Lesson 108: Gobi 語尾 II: Wa, Na, To, No, Sa, Zo, Ze, & E: わ, な, と, の, さ, ぞ, ぜ, & え
Lesson 109: Te shimau ~てしまう
Lesson 110: Numbers III: The Two Kinds of Numbers
Lesson 111: Numbers IV: Reading Counter Phrases
Lesson 112: Want and Feeling I: -tai ~たい & Hoshii ほしい
Lesson 113: Want and Feeling II: -garu ~がる
Lesson 114: Directions
Lesson 115: The Particle ながら
Lesson 116: Advanced Preparation: ~ておく
Lesson 117: Nominalization
Lesson 118: Expressions with こと
Lesson 119: Try I: ~てみる・みたい・みせる
Lesson 120:Try II: ~ようにする & ~ようとする
Lesson 121: Daily Expressions II
Lesson 122: Easy & Difficult: ~やすい, ~難い, & ~づらい
Lesson 123: Too/Continue: ~すぎる, ~続ける, & ~急ぐ
Lesson 124: In Order To: ~ため
Lesson 125:  ~とおりに & ~ように
Lesson 126: The Passive I
Lesson 127: The Passive II: 不可抗力の受身
Lesson 128: ニ格 VS カラ格
Lesson 129: The Causative I
Lesson 130: The Causative-Passive
Lesson 131:Pluralization II: ~たち
Lesson 132: The Particles とか, など, & なんて
Lesson 133: The Particles ほど & くらい
Lesson 134: The Particle より
Lesson 135: Similarity I: ~ようだ, ~みたいだ, & ~っぽい
Lesson 136: Seem: ~そうだ
Lesson 137: Hearsay: ~そうだ & ~らし
Lesson 138: Citation II: ~という, ということ, & というもの
Lesson 139: The Volitional I
Lesson 140: The Superlative
Lesson 141: The Imperative
Lesson 142: Fix/Error: ~忘れる, ~直す, ~間違える, & ~誤る
Lesson 143: Used to, Together, Completely: ~慣れる, ~合う・合わせる, & ~切る
Lesson 144: Honorifics I: 呼称: ~さん, ~さま, 等々
Lesson 145:  Honorifics I (Part II): Titles
Lesson 146: Honorifics II: Nouns
Lesson 147: Honorifics III: Adjectives & the Copula
Lesson 148: Honorifics: IV Light Honorifics: レル・ラレル敬語
Lesson 149: Honorifics V: Regular Verbs
Lesson 150: Honorifics VI: Irregular Verbs

4/11/17: Inserted new Lesson entitled "Which: どれ, どちら, どっち, & いずれ" in Intermediate 1 between Lessons 104 and 105. This is now after Lesson 119.