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第282課: Opportunity: きっかけ & 契機

     This lesson is the second of five lessons that focus on nominal phrases that deserve special attention. 


       As a noun, きかっけに means "trigger" or "prompt". In the speech modal きっかけに it means "take the opportunity to...". 

1. 日本語を勉強し始めたきかっけけは何ですか。 
    What was it that triggered you to begin studying Japanese? 

2. この事件をきかっけに、反対の声を上げる。
    To raise opposition in taking advantage of the case. 

3. 事故をきかっけに、家族の結束(けっそく)(かた)める。
    Take the accident to bring the family back together.


     契機 means "opportunity" and is in the speech modal を契機に meaning "taking the opportunity". 

4. それを契機に、新しい商売を始める。
    Taking the opportunity and starting a new business.

5. 言論弾圧を契機に暴動が起こる事がバーレーンに生じています。
    Violence is occurring in taking the opportunity of suppressing speech in Bahrain. 

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