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Japanese Practice with Actual Texts

Posted by IMABI on January 19, 2012 at 6:50 PM

I will take a Japanese article, whether it be news or what have you, and use it as an opportunity to translate the key vocabulary and grammatical structures.

高速道路で速度などの規制 1月20日 7時49分







神奈川県小田原市から箱根町をつなぐ有料道路「TOYO TIRES ターンパイク」は積雪のため、20日午前5時半の営業開始から通行止めとなっています。






Vocabulary Terms

高速道路 こうそくどうろ = Highway
速度 そくど = Speed
規制 きせい = Regulation
各社 かくしゃ = All companies
によりますと = According to
各地 かくち = Every place
新幹線 しんかんせん = The Shinkansen/Bullet Train
平常通り へいじょうどおり = As usual
始発 しはつ = First departure
運転 うんてん = Operate, drive
航空 こうくう = Aviation
空の便 そらのびん = Plane flight
運航 うんこう = Operate (planes, ships, etc)
日本道路交通情報センター = Japanese Road Traffic Information Center
中央自動車道 ちゅうおうじどうしゃどう = Chuuou Expressway
関越自動車道 かんえつじどうしゃどう = Kan'etsu Expressway
上信越自動車道 じょうしんえつじどうしゃどう = Joushin'etsu Expressway
それに それに= Moreover
一部 いちぶ= One section
区間 くかん = Track (transportation)
冬用のタイヤ ふゆようのタイヤ= Winter tires
装着 そうちゃく = Installation
義務付ける ぎむづける = To obligate
神奈川県 かながわけん = Kanagawa Prefecture
小田原市 おだわらし = Odawara City
箱根町 はこねまち = Hakone Town
有料道路 ゆうりょうどうろ = Tollway
ターンパイク = Turnpike
積雪 せきせつ = Fallen snow
営業開始 えいぎょうかいし = Start of operations
通行止め つうこうどめ = Road closure
凍結 とうけつ = Freezing
湯河原町 ゆがわらまち = Yugawara Town
パークウェイ = Parkway
一方 いっぽう = On the other hand
私鉄 してつ = Private rail
首都圏 しゅとけん = Capital area
影響 えいきょう = Effect
おおむね = Generally

I hope this helps a lot of people with a lot of interesting vocabulary!

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11:21 PM on February 26, 2012 
Sounadararajan Swaminathan says...
How to I submit my translation to IMABI and get some corrections from IMABI

There are several ways which you can get my attention for this. You can send me a PM. You can click the contact me button which will go to my primary e-mail address. You can make a blog post of your own where me and others can comment. You can make a translations thread in the forum; one is needed. If you wish for this to be private, please send me an email. Whichever way you choose, I will be sure to get your request done as soon as possible. I will not translate things past a page long though. Please be aware that there will be time zone conflicts, and my personal schedule is never predictable. Anyways, I am glad to help you.
Reply Sounadararajan Swaminathan
9:21 PM on February 26, 2012 
How to I submit my translation to IMABI and get some corrections from IMABI
Reply Sounadararajan Swaminathan
9:14 PM on February 26, 2012 
GOOD test to practice japanese
6:20 PM on February 25, 2012 
Ahmed Yarub Hani says...
Where are the grammatical structures?

Hmm...I don't know. :) 

によりますと is in the list. But, I think the rest may have been cut off.

ている = Progressive tense
のため = For
は = As for
なく = Without
ということです = Is the said event. It's kind of odd literally in English. It just says that all what precedes it is the event at hand.

Nothing in this article was particularly complicated.
Reply Ahmed Yarub Hani
11:37 AM on February 24, 2012 
Where are the grammatical structures?


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